About Me


I’ve fallen in love. Fallen for a gorgeous, voluptuous, sensual woman…and its me. I’ve fallen for myself so hard that I’ve decided that I need to be the best person I can be on this planet for the time I have left in this world

I used to eat animals, just like the majority of the planet. I liked it to a certain extent. After I turned 40, I noticed that my consumption of meat started to wane. I was living with a vegetarian and would occasionally eat meat at home or out and about at a restaurant.

But I have always been aware of how my body reacted after eating animal products. Bloated, gassy (peeeeeee-ewwwwww!!) and I just didn’t lose weight. In fact I have struggled with weight my entire life. I suffered from terrible sinus migraines, so I gave up cheese and I gave up milk.

If there’s a diet company that offers a quick fix, a home delivery, a counting points method..you name it I’ve tried it, yet always put that weight back on and then some.

So, you get the picture?

In recent years through social media, we’ve been bombarded with pictures of animal cruelty. Not just dogs and cats being mistreated and wild animals killed in the name of sport, but a constant bombardment of videos of how animals are raised for food. I never used to watch them, but I started to and what I saw made me sick and made me mad.

So recently I decided I cannot support these industries any longer. There’s no “happy” way to kill animals. I can’t walk down the meat aisle in the supermarket without thinking of those poor little darling animals.

I’ve become a VEGAN and I LOVE it. I eat plants. Lots of plants. I’m growing them and eating them. I’ve started a business called “That Vegan Lady” making delicious and nutritious plant based food. I’ve spent months trialing recipes that are so good I can’t believe it myself sometimes that they don’t contain butter.

I’m going to blog about my experiences here in Sydney and other parts of the world I travel to. I have a dream that one day I can start a restaurant business here in Australia that is just Vegan. Not your hippy trippy café, but a real restaurant where people just want to come to and know they’ll get healthy fabulous food.

Vegan is the new black. Get onto it.


try deleting for just one day, all animal products.