That Vegan Lady is all about yummy vegan food. I specialise in fantastic and unbelievably yummy cupcakes and tarts. However, I am also a fantastic cook, with a background in home catering, but now its all vegan. Delicious, nutritious, plant based  and refined sugar free*. Please contact me via to discuss your needs.

Other services offered are:

  • Home delivered, or cooked in your home for your next dinner party, cocktail party or any other event.
  • Staff can  also be provided.


Canapes ~ $3-6 per person variable
per person

  • Mini pastry tarts filled with a variety of tasty morsels, fresh chopped tomato, mint and red onion and kale
  • Gluten free breaded mushrooms stuffed with cashew “cheese”
  • Selection of bruschetta… olive tapenade with fresh herbed tomato/spanish onion, Green tahini with thinly sliced baked potatoes and topped with eggplant salsa
  • Filo wedges filled with scrambled tofu with indian spices/served with garlic vegan tzatziki
  • Vegetable rice paper rolls w/ japanese tofu/cucumber/fresh coriander/lettuce/ served w/chili sauce
  • Mini savoury muffins (can be made gluten free if desired) sundried organic (when possible) tomatoes, olives and fresh herbs.
  • Mini “quiche” tofu tart
  • potato fries in a paper cone. crispy deep fried hand cut potato and rosemary crunchy chips
  • Fancy sandwiches: all vegan filling,  fine herbed cashew cheese w/celery and vegan mayo, avocado w/cucumber and herbs. eggless egg sarnies.

Mains ~ $10-15
per person

  • Frittata- a soy free eggless slice served hot or cold, baked sweet potato, fennel and  pumpkin
  • Polenta- varieties made with seasonal vegetables flavoured with nutritional yeast for that cheesey parmesan flavour
  • Moroccan freekah- pomegranate vegetable yumminess (contains Wheat and Gluten)
  • Delicious flaky pastry pie-seasonal vegetable and tofu filling.
  • Vegan “quiche” various flavours ie: roasted vegetable & caramelised onion
  • Mung bean and Kale soup
  • Tom Yum Soup
  • Vegan Spanakopita
  • Dairy free Spinach stuffed pastry shells
  • Gnocchi
  • Polenta fried squares topped with fresh tomato and herbs

Deserts ~ $5
per person

  • Chocolate mousse-dairy free deliciousness
  • The Best Chocolate Cake Ever – can be ordered as a large cake or individual cupcakes-(refined icing sugar used if cake is to be iced- or can be iced with vegan butter cream icing made with natvia)
  • Selection of  That Vegan Lady AMAZE balls…..Lemon, Cacao, Cacao/mint,
  • Rose water cupcakes.
  • Vanilla cupcakes
  • Variety of cookies
  • Chocolate crackles….. for the child in us all

*Obviously there is no such thing as refined sugar free icing, so if you love your cupcakes iced with delicious vegan buttercreams, I DO USE icing sugar. However, I have discovered a low GI icing sugar which is delicious and has all the icing sugar properties. LoGiCane Low GI Soft Icing Mixture has a GI of 53 compared to regular icing sugar with a GI of 67.