Coming Out Of The Dark….

I know, I do use a LOT of song titles in my blog headings..Is because I’m a musician. I’ve made my living throughout my life from music and have been a sucessful singer for 45 years.

Wow, even just seeing that makes me say wait…what?? wow 45 years…go me!!


Last year I switched to a plant based diet. I started this business and blog. I feel amazing.

I had a spinal injury which no amount of plant foods, yoga or pilates could fix. The only way it could be fixed is with surgery.

Drs say to you…It’s just “keyhole surgery” its not a very invasive process. WOW…really?

2 hours under anaesthsia, heavy grade antibiotics delivered via IV, anticoagulants, oxycondone,panadol,anti inflammatories….yikes….

17 days later and I feel like I’m just waking up from a dream. I told them at hospital that I was a vegan and thankfully after the Surgery I didn’t really want to eat, the first meal served to me looked like something the cat ate and then threw up onto a plate.IMG_0778_2mmm,mmm canned creamed corn served on white bread that’d been toasted about 2 years ago. GROSS!!!!!!

fortunately I’d taken some plant based milk and some nuts and fruit with me and so made my first meal, LSA ,fruit and soy milk..had a picture, accidentally deleted it,oops


this was lunch…nutmeat directly out of a chilled can and sliced..the veggies were however, fresh and that’s what I ate, leaving the grey food to slowly die ..again.


this was dinner..mmm,mmm

seriously the worst food ever.frozen beans, vegetarian sausages and packet potato…nutritious?

so glad I’d taken nuts and fruit with me to hospital.

after release, 2 days later, I came home to wonderful vegan meals that had been prepared by my friends.

why are hospitals serving this muck to people? what is the nutritional value  in any meal served to me? minimal at best.

#grateful for friends meals.

veganspiel: If EVER you need to go into hospital,seriously think about what it is you’re going to have to eat. get friends to bring in salads and fruit. remind them that you’re convalescing at home and will need help.