Great plant based food ideas for Autumn

Great plant based food ideas for Autumn

Autumn is a great time for us to help increase our  families and friends  awareness of the benefits of a plant based diet, by making some awesome autumn dishes that provide all the essential vitamins and minerals we need to keep us strong and healthy.

invite your pals around for a night of Uno or some other fun game and serve them up this tasty soup that will have them begging you for the recipe.

you will need to soak the beans and the lentils overnight or for at least a couple of hours.

Shauna’s Delish Autumn Soup.


avocado or coconut oil for cooking off first few ingredients…a good glug as Jamie Oliver would say…1/4 cup…or, alternatively, if you don’t want to use oil, cook first few veggies off in small amounts of water,and I mean small, a tablespoon at a time.

One red onion diced

one bulb of fennel diced

3-5 cloves of garlic-smashed and chopped

1 large piece of ginger peeled and sliced finely into batons

2 heaped teaspoons (tspns) of turmeric

1 tsp each of:

cardamom, cumin,ginger powder, fennel seeds, mustard seeds.

(the addition of these spices makes this soup very south Indian flavoured so if you don’t want to use them its perfectly ok not to.)

2 litres veggie stock

1 sweet potato cubed

2 stalks celery (and celery tops) chopped roughly

2 carrots chopped

2 potatoes chopped


handful of green veggie (kale, spinach, cabbage whatever you have on hand)

handful of green beans chopped  approx 2 centimetres

handful of fresh peas

big handful of coriander, mint and parsley. chopped roughly

pre soaked beans and lentils. any beans will do, black, berlotti, navy, kidney…any kind as long as you’ve washed and soaked them and washed again.


Put the oil on medium heat in a large pot.

When its ready, add the chopped onion and fennel until it becomes translucent, you’ll have to keep stirring and moving it around.

add the garlic and the ginger, cook off for a bit stirring around then add the turmeric and the stock.

bring to the boil and add the pre soaked beans all the veggies except the peas, beans and herbs

let it cook for a good hour on a simmering roll.

add tamari to taste.

10 mins before you want to eat it, add the peas, beans and right before serving add the fresh chopped herbs. Save some chopped herbs to throw on the top.

Serve with some yummy spelt sourdough, warmed in the oven with some delicious nut butter.


Serve it in front of the fire with a nice glass of wine and some good conversation, hopefully the conversation is with someone and not with your cat.