Meatfree la, lalalala, so good to me..

Well every day is meatless for me, but I’m suggesting to you, that you make your Monday an entirely meatless day!!


I know, I know….but how> what will I have for breakfast??…snacks? lunch? dinner?/ you want me to have a soy/mocha/ cappa/frappachinno??

wait what??

Come on lovelies..ONE day…your liver will thank you, your entire body will thank you…the planet will thank you.

Meat Free Mondays is an initiative that is now global

read about it here!

here’s just a few ideas to get you thinking about how to:


2 slices of your favourite bread, toasted with some smashed avocado and tomato


soak some oats in almond/coconut or soy milk the night before and as its summer here in Australia, load it up with raspberries, mango, banana,blueberries and strawberries and some flaked raw almonds

mid morning snack:

Forget that high fat, processed food,junk laden muffin and buy a couple of yummy cacao balls..they’re everywhere now..better still head over to my RECIPES page and find out how to make them, you won’t believe how easy, quick and delicious they are.

Grab a soy latte.. Personally I have prefences for soy milk so,I always ask what kind of soymilk a cafe uses as I’m quite partial to bonsoy and will do vitasoy and that’s it for me. or Grab a delicious tea…so many cafes now have a fantastic range of yummy herbal teas…be adventurous and try something you’ve never had before!

Lunch: Vietnamese summer rolls..vegetarian style, or a yummy tofu stirfry with rice, or a BIIIIIIIIIG salad filled with nuts and legumes. sumo salad do some great vegan just have to look for them.

Afternoon snack:

well those cacao balls are yummy but try a chia pod (available at most supermarkets in the yoghurt section) or make your own and take a jar with you to work. or have some dates and a banana.


Roasted veggies, sweet potato, fennel, pumpkin,oh my goodness there are sooo many great veggies you can roast…a splash of oil, throw in the oven, done in 20 mins…. quinoa on the side with fresh mint/ lemon juice/olive oil and some pink salt tossed through it, Quinoa a great source of protein.

Alternatively a salad with everything in it, chick peas, a handful of nuts olive oil, pink salt…

and how about some dessert?

well, I would recommend¬† if you MUST ….a little coyo coconut ice cream, its delicious.

and there you have it

La la lalalala..Meatfree Monday…so good to me

have fun…