Red Red Wine…Goes To My Head…..Vegan wine is a Thing? →


I do love a glass of  red red wine, not so much into the white, although a nice glass of french…who am I kidding ???? A FEW glasses of french will NEVER go astray with me.


and now as  a Vegan I have to be aware that all kinds of animal by products are used in the production of wine.


– edible gelatins (made from bones)   blech…..
– isinglass (made from the swim bladders of fish)   oh.em.gee…..
– casein and potassium caseinate (milk proteins)   well yuck…
– animal albumin (egg albumin and dried blood powder) really? gross me out


All these products are used in the manufacture of not ALL but many, many wines and beers.

In Europe the production of wines has seen most good wineries make pretty much make vegan friendly wine.

So if I am to maintain a vegan lifestyle here in Australia and want to have a glass of wine every now and again..what the heck am I going to do???

well fortunately I found this fab site called:                                 images-3

They have an extensive list of wines and beers that are all Vegan.

So I keep their page on my iphone and when I go to the bottle-o, I just click into it and I can look up and see which wines I can drink knowing I’m not having some fish bladder shiraz.


So cheers, silly season is coming up, try and make good choices for yourself and others and always remember to drink responsibly. and if you’re going to drink, don’t drive.please. call a



5 Great Ways To Eat Kale →

kale kale kale kale kale kale kale


It seems as though the buzz word in the world of healthy eating is “kale”.

I was at my Dr’s surgery the other day and the gorgeous receptionist was having her lunch and we were discussing her not so healthy eating habits. I suggested she swap her butter chicken for a great kale salad. She laughed and said she’d heard about kale and decided to buy some at the market, but when asked by her husband what it was she was buying, she told him “it’s kale, silly” and he said that that’s what his family fed  pet rabbits when he was growing up and there was no way he was eating rabbit food!!! So she put it back (probably a good thing as Kale at the supermarket is about $5 when at a good farmers market it will be $2-3.)

silly guy! What a duffer!

Raw Kale is a “super food” Why? follow this link below and read all about it.

benefits of kale


I love it.

Here are five ways to eat kale:

  1. Kale salad. Strip the leaves off the kale and chop finely. add some rocket chopped finely, some grated raw carrot and some grated beetroot, shaved fennel,  shaved red cabbage,a squeeze of lemon juice and some tahini. Toss and eat in the shade of a tree on a lovely spring or summers day.
  2. Stir fried kale with tofu. Saute some chopped fennel, garlic and ginger in some olive oil. Add the tofu (any kind, I like this with the soyco Japanese flavoured tofu squares) and fry then add the kale and stir fry till soft, add some tahini, tamari (and chili if desired ) a good squeeze of lemon juice and there you have it.
  3. Mung bean and kale soup  (see my recipe in recipe section)
  4. Kale chips. strip the leaves off the kale , lay on a flat tray and I spray with olive oil spray and sprinkle with sea salt. bake in a slow oven until crunchy.
  5. Green Kale Smoothie (check out my recipes section for Shut The Front Door Best Smoothie Ever)

Break Fast

We’re told breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Too often we’re too busy, we don’t feel hungry, we’re just not into eating “cereal” or fruit or toast. Basically I think we feel like this because we’ve grown up on a diet of white bread toast, manufactured sugary cereals and basically well, we’re bored.


So we don’t bother. Then come mid morning we’re craving something to eat and grab a sugary snack, some biscuits with morning tea, or a muffin, especially those “healthy” muffins …oh my giddy aunt….trouble with a capital TR! we just end up with that muffin going right where we don’t want it to go!!

oh oh
oh oh

Breakfast is important because it breaks the fast we’ve had overnight. It’s particularly important for children’s brain development and growth.It supplies us with essential vitamins and nutrients to kick start our metabolism and really get a great start to the day.

So by lunchtime we’re sooooooooo hungry….then we have some ridiculous lunch cause we’re hungry and then get that mid afternoon slump.



My favourite and current breakfast is a mix of linseeds, almonds, chia and sunflower seeds , cocao nibs all ground up in my blender. Actually I use the mixing stick thingy as the linseeds need to be ground first, then set aside whilst you grind the other ingredients, as, if the linseed meal gets too hot it can go rancid very quickly.

I keep about three to four days worth in the fridge and at night I take a cup full and put into a bowl and cover it well with coconut milk or coconut water, soy milk, sometimes a combo of both, whatever non dairy milk I have on hand.


I add goji berries, some maca powder sometimes a grated apple, sometimes a half a handful of organic oats.


I cover it and place it either in the fridge if its a hot night, or leave it on the bench. When I wake in the morning its a mushy yummy globby looking bowl of …well something.

I put a good dollop of coconut yoghurt and whatever berries I have , its blueberry and strawberry season as I write this! yummy.


Because I’ve done all the hard work the night before (pouring it into a bowl), it literally takes me 5 minutes to add the fruit and yoghurt.

I don’t add any sweetener, as I’m sweet enough, and the soaked almonds and cacao nibs impart a lovely sweetness, but if you want to add a little maple or agave syrup,coconut sugar, rapidura sugar or even some stevia… go for it.

It’s delicious, unbelievably nutritious and fills me up for hours. I’m not joking, sometimes I get to 4 or 5  (oops) in the afternoon and realise I haven’t eaten anything else except maybe an apple and a soy latte.


I’ll post the recipe on my page with some pictures soon.

when I’m not having that, I have scrambled tofu with a slice of toast..another easy dish…. and fast, or avocado and vegemite on toast, or just fruit and coconut yoghurt. sometimes I just have cooked oats and a desertspoon full of chia seeds, cooked with coco quench (coconut and rice milk blend.)


Don’t skip brekkie…you’ll feel good, you’ll lose weight if that’s on your agenda and you’ll have HEAPS of energy.

Shut The Front Door Best Smoothie Ever

Shut The Front Door Best Smoothie Ever
Shut The Front Door Best Smoothie Ever

I’m not really a smoothie type person, but honestly this smoothie is the bombdiggitty. My friend Cherie Lydon from Kitchen Green at Eveleigh Market here in Sydney and Lyden Vitality, created this recipe.

3-4 stalks of (preferably organic) Kale

1/2 – 1 frozen banana (depending on size)

a few pieces of fresh cut then frozen pineapple

a handful of fresh mint


 1/2 cup coconut water

1/2 cup coconut milk



a teaspoon of fresh turmeric (optional)



I slash the kale leaves off the stalk then I just put it all into the blender and whizz away.

IMG_8074 IMG_8075

I whizzed it with the coconut water first, then added the coconut milk.

In this particular one I left out the turmeric as I’d had quite a bit already that day. I’ll add another pic another day with the turmeric.

here’s how it ends up!!

Shut The Front Door Best Smoothie Ever
Shut The Front Door Best Smoothie Ever

Drink and enjoy!! the goodness of the Kale (which I had just picked from my garden-could not get any fresher) the mint…everything together is a perfect combination. I often have this just for breakfast or for a mid morning or afternoon snack. if you prepare everything and have it ready to go, Bob’s your uncle yumm-a -licious.

To connect with Kitchen Green click the link below

Kitchen Green