Wow, it really is a magical plant. Until I started researching for this blog, I hadn’t actually seen a sesame plant. They are beautiful and to harvest them must take an enormous amount of resources as the seeds come from such tiny pods!


Just look how small they are in this persons hand.

I absolutely love the taste of sesame oil. I have been doing oil pulling with sesame oil for a few months now, and really,my teeth have never looked whiter. there are many many articles on the web about oil pulling, but the benefits for me, have been a fresher, cleaner feeling on my teeth and they are much whiter. I also use a tongue scraper first thing in the morning as well. Both of these are Ayurvedic methods.

read about the benefits of oil pulling here

I use sesame seeds in cooking and I use the oil as well in salads. the taste is nutty and yummy and truly one of my favourites.


here’s a favourite recipe using sesame oil:

1 block of organic tofu

1/4 cup tamari

2 tblspns sesame oil

3-4 cloves of garlic crushed and chopped

1-2 tblspns sesame seeds

1 tblspn maple syrup (or agave or some panela or coconut sugar)

half a bunch of coriander (cilantro for you folks for the USA) chopped just before serving

half a fresh lemon for squeezing

(option 2: almond meal and extra sesame seeds for dipping tofu in)


In a bowl, mix all ingredients except tofu and coriander

Slice the tofu and place in a shallow dish long enough to lay the tofu out. pour the marinade over the tofu and turn the tofu so it is well covered. Cover the dish and let it sit for at least 20 mins…then turn the tofu again. This allows the flavour to really get into the tofu.

make a salad, or chop up some veggies for a stir fry. I like this tofu on top of a salad, but you can do with it what ever you like…added to a stir fry, with some rice or noodles, whatever takes your fancy.

Its also fantastic, mushed up and had on a sandwich or a wrap the next day,cold!! yum.

Once you’ve marinated the tofu for long enough, and seriously, I’ve literally, at times, poured the marinade over the tofu, made my salad, turned the tofu whilst making the salad and then cooked it. ideally the longer the marinade sits on the tofu the yummier the flave.

Now here’s a couple of options.

1. Fry the tofu straight into a hot pan, cook for a few minutes and eat it


2. Drain the tofu on paper towel, have a dish with some almond flour and sesame seeds ready and coat the tofu in this , then fry it, goes crunchy and yummy, or you can also bake this if you don’t want the oil.

Either way, once done, serve immediately with the coriander which you chop just before serving.

a squeeze of lemon juice and Bob’s your uncle!