Finally It’s Happened To Me!!

hello lovelies

Finally That Vegan Lady hit the Marrickville Organic Markets running, last Sunday 20th November 2016. We’ll be there every Sunday from now on. We’ve been placed in the Hall, which even though off the Market main thoroughfare, is a very cool and groovy vibe, with lots of vendors inside.


Within the first hour we had sold out of our Citrus Glaze cake (a yummy organic orange and lemon cake) img_3246and had three cupcakes to choose from:

Salted Caramel; Lime in de Coconut and my version of the Persian Love cake which is pistachio and rose.deeeeeeeeeeelish.


Also sold out very quickly of the Leek and Mushroom quiche and the sweet potato and barley roll. unfortunately I’m unable to use electricity in the hall and wasn’t able to keep them warm , but as they say, if your food doesn’t taste good cold, it probably didn’t taste so great hot!! It all happened so fast, I didn’t take photos of everything!

I’m also making Christmas cakes and Christmas fruit mince tarts to order!


Also  few weeks ago I won Best in Show, Best Professional Entry, Best Cupcake and Best Preserve at the Annual Bobby Goldsmith Bake Off. the cakes I won with were the Persian Love Cupcakes and the Jam is Rhubarb, Blood Orange and Ginger, now available at the Marrickville Markets

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You can read all about it here:


Hope to see you all soon at Marrickville Market Hall.  Every Sunday 8am-2pm -ish


Overloaded on food these holidays? maybe you could try this…

Lets face it…for some reason, we always seem to make holidays revolve around food!!


If you’re anything like me, you LOVE to cook. I love the satisfaction I get from creating a meal from scratch. I love watching my family and friends enjoying a great meal.

Becoming a vegan in 2014 and turning away from the traditional holiday fare, was really a fun challenge for me. So many of my friends would ask me, well what do you eat? My answer: plants! Always kinda leaves people a bit lost for words. Usually the next questions are…but don’t you miss turkey? and ham? and chicken? and pork?  And honestly, I have to say I didn’t miss it one little bit. Around our festive table out of a table of seven, we had 2 vegans, a vegetarian and 4 carnivores.

The table wasn’t laden with traditional Xmas fare, instead we had BBQ. One of the vegans brought amazing BBQ tofu veggie skewers, I brought my infamous vegan “quiche” and we had potato salad greek style, just oil and lemon, parsley and potato. we had a gorgeous green salad, chock full of seasonal veggies and nuts.

The carnivores BBQ’d up their lamb and sausages and really seemed to enjoy it.

What I really found interesting was after the meal was over, the meat eaters were all complaing about how “stuffed” they were. how they couldn’t move…whilst the three veggo’s were quite happy and ready for some yummy vegan fruit mince tarts I’d made…more for us!!


here’s a link on becoming a vegan you may find helpful if you’re thinking about it.

I’m off to the beach now…with a yummy mango and some big fat cherries!

veganspiel# try being a vegan for a week or a won’t believe how great you feel and how your perspective on food will change. Be adventurous!!