Finally It’s Happened To Me!!

hello lovelies

Finally That Vegan Lady hit the Marrickville Organic Markets running, last Sunday 20th November 2016. We’ll be there every Sunday from now on. We’ve been placed in the Hall, which even though off the Market main thoroughfare, is a very cool and groovy vibe, with lots of vendors inside.


Within the first hour we had sold out of our Citrus Glaze cake (a yummy organic orange and lemon cake) img_3246and had three cupcakes to choose from:

Salted Caramel; Lime in de Coconut and my version of the Persian Love cake which is pistachio and rose.deeeeeeeeeeelish.


Also sold out very quickly of the Leek and Mushroom quiche and the sweet potato and barley roll. unfortunately I’m unable to use electricity in the hall and wasn’t able to keep them warm , but as they say, if your food doesn’t taste good cold, it probably didn’t taste so great hot!! It all happened so fast, I didn’t take photos of everything!

I’m also making Christmas cakes and Christmas fruit mince tarts to order!


Also  few weeks ago I won Best in Show, Best Professional Entry, Best Cupcake and Best Preserve at the Annual Bobby Goldsmith Bake Off. the cakes I won with were the Persian Love Cupcakes and the Jam is Rhubarb, Blood Orange and Ginger, now available at the Marrickville Markets

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You can read all about it here:


Hope to see you all soon at Marrickville Market Hall.  Every Sunday 8am-2pm -ish


Two Vegan Events-Two times SOLD OUT

I’m so happy!!

My first two forays into selling my products at two very different vegan events, resulted at both events my products SELLING OUT.

The first event was put on by the Sydney Vegan Club and Films For Change.  Hmmmm… maybe about 300 ppl attended. There were 10 vegan food producers invited to sell and give away samples and I was totally buzzed to have been chosen. There was another cupcake seller there and another cake lady, so that contributed to my nerves. But my nerves weren’t about my product, I know they friggin rock..the nerves were about the look of the stall…would it look professional enough??  However,I was totally buzzed and excited to set up my first ever market stall. I think in almost 50 years of performing and experiencing nerves, this was a feeling I’d kind of forgotten about. It was so exciting and the entire look of my stall couldn’t have happened without the input from my graphic designer and friend Donna Gough, check out her website here She’s amazing.


IMG_9335 yes


there is that rack!!

My next gig was at The Sydney Vegan Festival. A huge festival with with over 1000 ppl expected to attend. Book the kitchen, get a kitchen hand, start planning and baking. Drive to woop woop to buy a sneeze guard (that perspex thing to protect your food from peoples fingers, germs etc)…buy stock, worry if I’d have enough. blah blah blah… I was competing with businesses that have been going for quite some time. I have to tell ya, it’s fucking nerve wracking!!

Then to my utter horror, the organiser of the festival, put me in a different section to other food stalls, as I hadn’t brought a gazebo. O.M.G. I was mortified…however, one has to keep telling yourself, everything works in divine right order, everything will be fine. And it was.Phew!

so we set up and the stall looked even better this time.IMG_0735


And there were constant sales all day.



I was so so happy and so proud of my friends who have helped me to get this venture off the ground. One of my dearest friends Suzanne Banks has helped me with cooking and setting up too. She is an amazing aromatherapist and has just launched her own book. check it out here

Hard work does pay off, but it takes people believing in you and supporting you, that really gives you drive to make it work.

I’ve had AMAZING feedback and am now starting to deliver to cafes and restaurants.

The market venture will be on hold for a month or so as I have to have some surgery, but watch out world..That Vegan Lady is on her way.

as Yazz sang…the Only Way Is Up…Baby…

“I can’t even” Carrot and Brazilnut Cupcakes.


Starting a cupcake business is a real challenge.

Starting a VEGAN cupcake business?? You have no idea. No.Frigging.Idea.

I’m sure that people think that everything Vegans eat is made out of lentils. Seriously…the ignorance of people as to what a plant based diet is just unbelievable. Having been a semi vegetarian for the last 20 years, it hasn’t been such a hard jump for me. Not to say that it doesn’t have challenges, I face them, as do all vegans, daily…but starting a business that’s Vegan cupcakes…yikes.

Vegan baking has got a bad wrap.  So many vegan deserts are raw and if left at room temperature, become runny and not so pretty to look at. After all, we eat with our eyes first, our nose second and our taste buds third. So I know when I serve up a cupcake, I want it to look like a cupcake that looked and tasted like one that I ate when I was non vegan. I’m not a purely raw vegan, although I eat a LOT of raw food,  and my cupcakes are a delightful indulgence that we all need to have.

Yes, my cupcakes have refined sugar in the icing, but I’m working on a new recipe that contains no icing sugar so we’ll see where that takes me, but for now, they have refined sugar in the frosting. I also use organic ingredients whenever possible.

And absolutely NO Lentils in sight. LOL.

So today I’m going to share a recipe with you. I’m going to leave out some of my magic spice mix, as I want my cupcakes to be uniquely mine (selfish I know, but hey…a girl’s gotta keep some things in the vault)

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