Great plant based food ideas for Autumn

Great plant based food ideas for Autumn

Autumn is a great time for us to help increase our  families and friends  awareness of the benefits of a plant based diet, by making some awesome autumn dishes that provide all the essential vitamins and minerals we need to keep us strong and healthy.

invite your pals around for a night of Uno or some other fun game and serve them up this tasty soup that will have them begging you for the recipe.

you will need to soak the beans and the lentils overnight or for at least a couple of hours.

Shauna’s Delish Autumn Soup.

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Spice up your life!

Turmeric Turmeric Turmeric (or Curcumma Longa)

Thats what I’m seeing everywhere these days. and what I’m taking EVERY DAY.

You see recently, well three months ago, I pinched a nerve in my back very badly. upon investigation CT scans and an MRI, it appears that I’ve managed to get arthrits and also a condition called canal stenosis. Sounds like a fabulous location in Venice right?


Oh that it were….

anyhoo….long story short, pain, discomfort, cortisone injection into my spine and trying to recover taking drugs and anti inflamatories.

of course this left me feeling weird…drugs for pain plus drugs to take down swelling = depression, anxiety, sleepiness, and it goes on and on.

So I decided to stop the drugs and start being proactive.

I started doing Pilates and Yoga again.just a little,every second day.


A friend suggested I start to take Turmeric. At least 12g of it in capsule form per day, as it is an amazing anti inflammatory. Not only has it helped me, but I’ve noticed other benefits apart from pain relief too. My skin looks radiant. My nails are strong and I feel better.

This has seen a massive improvement in my health. I also take mega magnesium twice daily.

I’ve incorporated Turmeric in to my morning porridge, into my stir fries into my smoothies.


That glorious golden colour of the turmeric…yes it stains my hands, yes it stains my wash cloths in the kitchen, but it washes out and I LOVE IT. It is said that Turmeric is not only an anti inflammatory but is purported to be a healing herb across a vast range of conditions. The people of India certainly knew about Turmeric as it has been a staple ingredient of their food for years. Not only is it a gorgeous colour, but I have always loved the taste. Goes to show you that you should really listen to your body when it tells you it likes a flavour, colour, or taste…except for sugar of course, that’s just an addiction!!

I make a beautiful tofu scramble with turmeric and also have been adding it to my smoothies. head over to my Recipes page for the amazing Sunshiney Tofu Scramble recipe.

Heres a great link to a site called Organic India which i learned a LOT about Turmeric from and where you can also purchase if you so wish.

read all about it here.

So as those Spice Girls said…. Spice up your life…..


Try adding turmeric to your smoothie in the morning, one teaspoon is all you need. yum!!