I’m in love..with Avocado Chocolate mousse



There..I’ve said it…I love them. I’m obsessed. L.O.V.E. them.

They really are the vegans¬† bestie. Going out for breakfast you can always get a side of Avocado with some tomatoes and toast….its kind of annoying when you can do it yourself at home for far less $$ but ..its always yummy, and really nutritious.

here are the AMAZING nutritional facts on Avocados.

Here’s one of my favourite Avocado recipes. and its a DESSERT!!

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The top 3 questions I get asked almost daily


#1. Where do you get your protein from?

I usually answer with one word..plants! This usually gets a puzzled look and a reply..plants? Which plants? I’ve already done a blog on protein so don’t really want to go into that again today, but its interesting just how little the majority of people know about how to get protein from plants. Plus, they worry of they’re going to get enough.

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Meatfree Mondays..la la, lalalala, so good to me..

Well every day is meatless for me, but I’m suggesting to you, that you make your Monday an entirely meatless day!!


I know, I know….but how> what will I have for breakfast??…snacks? lunch? dinner?/ you want me to have a soy/mocha/ cappa/frappachinno??

wait what??

Come on lovelies..ONE day…your liver will thank you, your entire body will thank you…the planet will thank you.

Meat Free Mondays is an initiative that is now global

read about it here!

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