Wow, it really is a magical plant. Until I started researching for this blog, I hadn’t actually seen a sesame plant. They are beautiful and to harvest them must take an enormous amount of resources as the seeds come from such tiny pods!


Just look how small they are in this persons hand.

I absolutely love the taste of sesame oil. I have been doing oil pulling with sesame oil for a few months now, and really,my teeth have never looked whiter. there are many many articles on the web about oil pulling, but the benefits for me, have been a fresher, cleaner feeling on my teeth and they are much whiter. I also use a tongue scraper first thing in the morning as well. Both of these are Ayurvedic methods.

read about the benefits of oil pulling here

I use sesame seeds in cooking and I use the oil as well in salads. the taste is nutty and yummy and truly one of my favourites.


here’s a favourite recipe using sesame oil:

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“I can’t even” Carrot and Brazilnut Cupcakes.


Starting a cupcake business is a real challenge.

Starting a VEGAN cupcake business?? You have no idea. No.Frigging.Idea.

I’m sure that people think that everything Vegans eat is made out of lentils. Seriously…the ignorance of people as to what a plant based diet is just unbelievable. Having been a semi vegetarian for the last 20 years, it hasn’t been such a hard jump for me. Not to say that it doesn’t have challenges, I face them, as do all vegans, daily…but starting a business that’s Vegan cupcakes…yikes.

Vegan baking has got a bad wrap.  So many vegan deserts are raw and if left at room temperature, become runny and not so pretty to look at. After all, we eat with our eyes first, our nose second and our taste buds third. So I know when I serve up a cupcake, I want it to look like a cupcake that looked and tasted like one that I ate when I was non vegan. I’m not a purely raw vegan, although I eat a LOT of raw food,  and my cupcakes are a delightful indulgence that we all need to have.

Yes, my cupcakes have refined sugar in the icing, but I’m working on a new recipe that contains no icing sugar so we’ll see where that takes me, but for now, they have refined sugar in the frosting. I also use organic ingredients whenever possible.

And absolutely NO Lentils in sight. LOL.

So today I’m going to share a recipe with you. I’m going to leave out some of my magic spice mix, as I want my cupcakes to be uniquely mine (selfish I know, but hey…a girl’s gotta keep some things in the vault)

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The Sexiest Brownie In The World

I’m in love with this brownie


Truly. Madly. Deeply. This is the sexiest brownie in the  world. The Sofia Vergara of the brownie world. (I like women, so if you’re a  man lover..pick yours..the Johnny Depp of the brownie world..whatevs)…this is a-sexual, its the brownie to beat all brownies…deelish and a no fail. A friend sent me this recipe ages ago and I’ve made them a few times and they are always a winner! and again…AVOCADO!!

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