Wow, it really is a magical plant. Until I started researching for this blog, I hadn’t actually seen a sesame plant. They are beautiful and to harvest them must take an enormous amount of resources as the seeds come from such tiny pods!


Just look how small they are in this persons hand.

I absolutely love the taste of sesame oil. I have been doing oil pulling with sesame oil for a few months now, and really,my teeth have never looked whiter. there are many many articles on the web about oil pulling, but the benefits for me, have been a fresher, cleaner feeling on my teeth and they are much whiter. I also use a tongue scraper first thing in the morning as well. Both of these are Ayurvedic methods.

read about the benefits of oil pulling here

I use sesame seeds in cooking and I use the oil as well in salads. the taste is nutty and yummy and truly one of my favourites.


here’s a favourite recipe using sesame oil:

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5 Great Ways To Eat Kale →

kale kale kale kale kale kale kale


It seems as though the buzz word in the world of healthy eating is “kale”.

I was at my Dr’s surgery the other day and the gorgeous receptionist was having her lunch and we were discussing her not so healthy eating habits. I suggested she swap her butter chicken for a great kale salad. She laughed and said she’d heard about kale and decided to buy some at the market, but when asked by her husband what it was she was buying, she told him “it’s kale, silly” and he said that that’s what his family fed  pet rabbits when he was growing up and there was no way he was eating rabbit food!!! So she put it back (probably a good thing as Kale at the supermarket is about $5 when at a good farmers market it will be $2-3.)

silly guy! What a duffer!

Raw Kale is a “super food” Why? follow this link below and read all about it.

benefits of kale


I love it.

Here are five ways to eat kale:

  1. Kale salad. Strip the leaves off the kale and chop finely. add some rocket chopped finely, some grated raw carrot and some grated beetroot, shaved fennel,  shaved red cabbage,a squeeze of lemon juice and some tahini. Toss and eat in the shade of a tree on a lovely spring or summers day.
  2. Stir fried kale with tofu. Saute some chopped fennel, garlic and ginger in some olive oil. Add the tofu (any kind, I like this with the soyco Japanese flavoured tofu squares) and fry then add the kale and stir fry till soft, add some tahini, tamari (and chili if desired ) a good squeeze of lemon juice and there you have it.
  3. Mung bean and kale soup  (see my recipe in recipe section)
  4. Kale chips. strip the leaves off the kale , lay on a flat tray and I spray with olive oil spray and sprinkle with sea salt. bake in a slow oven until crunchy.
  5. Green Kale Smoothie (check out my recipes section for Shut The Front Door Best Smoothie Ever)