The top 3 questions I get asked almost daily


#1. Where do you get your protein from?

I usually answer with one word..plants! This usually gets a puzzled look and a reply..plants? Which plants? I’ve already done a blog on protein so don’t really want to go into that again today, but its interesting just how little the majority of people know about how to get protein from plants. Plus, they worry of they’re going to get enough.

here’s a recent chart I found on the types of plant protein out there


as you can see from the bottom of the chart, comparatively, you can actually get more protein from the plant sources than from the animal.

#2. Where do you get your calcium if you don’t have dairy??

This one really gets me! I always respond that I’ve been dairy free for many years before I became a vegan and I have no problem with calcium as I eat a large variety of calcium rich plants!!



#3 So…where do you get your iron?

This is a tricky one, as most omnivores think iron is only present in animal protein..but now research tells us we can find it here in these plants:


On a daily basis I eat nuts, seeds,spinach, kale, parsley, soybeans and the list goes on:


here’s a great chart I found and refer to all the time. Its fantastic and filled with information about iron.

of course iron is best absorbed with vitamin c so a good intake of vitamin c is essential for complete absorbtion of iron. Do read that link above.

Let me know of you found this article similar to your experiences.

#Veganspiel: be mindful when you’re eating. take your time and savour every morsel of food and be grateful